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A Landscaper for Your Mulching Needs

Mulch is considered the best friend of a young plant. Mulching is considered to be among the preferred and advantageous things a commercial or residential property owner can do for the health of plants and trees. Furthermore, mulching when done the right way will give you a well-groomed, landscape, and pleasing look. Gardens, whether are vegetables or flowers, can surely benefit from mulch too. However, you should choose an expert to handle the job right. Here is where Grass Monkey Landscape and Development steps in. I am the landscaper that can help you out.

Moisture Retention

One of the perfect benefits of mulching for your garden is the ability to retain moisture in your soil. On hot summer days, the heat causes water in the soil to evaporate. This can cause your plants to dry and requires them to be water more often. If you use mulch, it absorbs the heat and keeps the soil cool.

Soil Fertility

Using organic mulch in combination or in a garden with poor fertility is another major benefit. When organic soil breaks it helps create fertilizers that can contribute to soil health. Also, weed is considered a nuisance. It’s ugly, and it can be extremely invasive. They steal water and absorb nutrients from the plants around them. Weeds need warm soil and light to survive as discussed with moisture retention. The soil then becomes colder which can stop weeds from growing the right way.

Erosion Protection

Covering the bare areas in your garden or areas with straw or mulch is an effective method for erosion preventing rain and wind. Mulch is spread over the surface of the soil and it can reduce the raindrop impact hitting the soil and then covering it from the wind. Based in San Bernardino, CA, I use only high-quality products and equipment for each job, ensuring the satisfaction of my clients. I am waiting for your phone call!

Are you looking for a professional landscaper in San Bernardino, CA for your mulching job? If that’s the case, contact Grass Monkey Landscape and Development at (909) 312-7735 today!

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